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Does Control4 have a Daytime concept?


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I want to program some lights to come on when a nearby motion sensor senses motion.  But I don't need this to happen during the day.  Does Control4 have a "daytime" concept which you could set as something like follows:

If current_time > sunrise and current_time < sunset then daytime is true

If not what is the best way to do this using the Scheduler concepts of sunrise and sunset, possibly adding an offset? 

Would it be like this?

Create Scheduler events for Sunset and Sunrise

When Scheduled Event Sunrise executes:
Variables->Daytime = True


When Scheduled Event Sunset executes:
Variables->Daytime = False

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Maybe I am looking in the wrong place.  When I look at Sunrise/Sunset when trying to create a new event I see these options:  Sunrise, Before Sunrise, After Sunrise, Sunset, Before Sunset, After Sunset. Should there be something else?

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So for setting something up to only trigger during the daytime, you'd go..


WHEN xxxxxxxxx
IF time is day time
- yyyyyyyyy

If you want to START something at day break and end it at sunset, you'd create two actual schedules as your trigger, and program your 'start' and 'end' based on those events.

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Got it - thanks.  

So in this instance it will be:

When the Side Entrance-> Motion Sensor senses motion

If time is day time

    Turn on the Side entrance->Hall light

On a related note, what is the recommended way to program lights to turn off with a motion sensor.  Should you then use a timer to shut off 5 minutes, or whatever, after motion stops?  Should I care about sensing for day time as shutting off a light that isn't on won't do anything but it will cause an extra timer to be running on the controller.

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yea free way is a timer or in properties of the light itself there is an auto off option. But if you enable that it will always shut off after specified amount of time

Auto off depends on the generation of lighting you have

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1 hour ago, knowitall said:

Needs to be a gen2 light and it's in properties in system design. Need composer pro. 

It's considered Gen3 actually, VERSION 2 ^_^

And no you don't need pro - it's under HE as well, just select the light and go to properties view.


knowitall :huh:



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