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Installing Composer HE on Mac


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Hello All,

Hope you can help with helping me with steps to get composer HE running on Mac.  I have been using windows for years, never used a mac- but my PCs never last for more than 18 months.  Now, I have decided to try the Mac route to see if I'll have better luck.  I just found out that I can't easily download composer HE on my mac!

I have read that people use parrallels, fusion, bootcamp- I don't even know what these are.

Would someone be kind enough to provide steps or a link that will show me:

1) how to install one of these on my mac

2) how to get composer HE on my mac when 1) is completed.

Any help is much appreciated.



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5 minutes ago, msgreenf said:

you need to use VmWare Fusion, Bootcamp or Parallels to run a Window VM.  There is no Mac version of composer. 

Right, thanks.  I sort of know that.

My post was asking for someone can help me with the steps I need in order to get one of these ( VmWare Fusion, Bootcamp or Parallels) on my computer. As well as steps to get windows on my mac, and then to get he composer HE on the windows.  I am lost and don't really know where to start.

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Hello all,

So, I have installed parallels and windows 10. Can anyone tell me how to install composer HE on it, if there is also a ink with steps that I can follow that will be very helpful as well. I have a mac and I am not sure how to install on this new virtual machine.  I think the composer HE I need is the 2.53- that's the version my system is on.

any help is appreciated.


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