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programming a keypad and getting stuck LEDs


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i just installed a keypad dimmer but only using it as a keypad at this time.

I followed how others were programmed in my system using them as keypads and LED behavior based on programmed, etc

This new keypad, the 1st and 5th buttons (6th slot are the up/down arrows) are always off, but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th buttons the LED is always on and not even the right color.  the LED is blue, yet in the monitoring section I put on color to Green.

The buttons work - they execute what I want.  but button 1 and 5 the LED's do not come on when the item is executed, the stay off.  and buttons 2-4 always stay blue, again as an example one controls a light, if the light is on or off, the LED is still blue

Any help here?  First time I am messing with keypads, seems easy and obvious but and I looked at other ones in project to duplicate the settings but I am missing something.

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