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Feeler for Full home network

Matt Lowe

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I've gone through just about every setting I can for my home, and now its time to get a new toy to play with. All of the equipment is less than a year, and like new(installed) fully functional.


All with rack mounts and the new AV series black/green or black/blue style.

ABR 4400

AMS-2616P AV Series 26-port/16 PoE+ Gigabit Managed Switch

XAP 1500 x 2 Dual band high power wifi access point

XAP 300 x 3 single band wifi access point

XWC - 1000

forget the model 24 port unmanaged switch


I would like to sell everything together. Buyer may request system to be fully setup for their home, with their WIFI, and settings necessary to drop it in their home. the 24 port unmanaged switch is the only thing i am willing to sell separately at this time.  Send me a pm with any questions you may have.

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