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Programming off weather variables


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Lots of cleanup/programming today, so here is my second post...

Anyone know where to start?  I have both the Chowmain Internet Weather Forecast (Forecast.io) driver and the free Weather Station one from C4.

I put a small patch of radiant flooring elements outside on my new patio and lawn area to give me clean stairs/small walkway and a grass area for my dog in the snow - shoveling the lawn for the dog at 6am became tiresome!  My electrician suggested 2-3 hours prior to the snow fall to turn it on, then let it run until the snow is over (could be useful for ice too).

The heating elements are hooked up to C4 via a switch, so its easy to program it on/off.  Just need to learn/figure out how to pick variables out of the driver to start the heating element then another variable to shut it off...may take 1-2 storms to tweak, but just looking for a good starting point.  Looking at the driver its based off probabilities and if the probability is equal to 1 or 2, etc.  Not sure how that translates into the programming I desire.

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