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I've seen some network questions come up in here so I'll see what comes up since this is an active forum with lots of experience.

I have the following hardware and am still having reliability issues.  The problem is I don't have the experience to know where my issues are.  I'm also too complicated for a  run of the mill tech but too small for the "big boys" to mess with.

TWC Arris cable modem

Netgear R8500 Router

Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-48-500W

Qnap 48TB    8 x 6TB NAS with 2 10GbE network connections

2 AP's on other floors

12 IP cameras some POE some wireless using Blue Iris

HC-800 running 2.9

I'm around Kansas City, MO so if anyone knows of someone or is interested in taking on a client that is limited in funds since it's all tied up in hardware...LOL please let me know.


Thank you,


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This is the achilles heal of HA.

Some of us are running larger networks than the average small bank with 20 or so Employees, small businesses etc..

They get almost instant service...

I've struggled with network issues on/off for years...

I've even  had awesome guys around here loggin from the US to help me out on occasions

Largely self taught because I know more about things via trial and error than most people other than a network engineer..

There is always something.   Currently it's my Android based Sony TV.

Your sentiment hit the nail right on the head.. "I'm also too complicated for a  run of the mill tech but too small for the "big boys" to mess" with>

Spot on for most of us I'd reckon. W


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On 11/2/2016 at 0:14 PM, eggzlot said:

what kind of issues?  Can you give specific examples of how the network has failed you?

Well,  update as of last night, I couldn't get my router to allow blue iris to transmit on the port i had setup.  everything is green until the last step where it verifies the server pings back.  It was off and on for the last month and then last night just quit.  I was told that since I had a level 2 managed switch that I use none of the features of (other than the POE ports and the 2 optical connections to my NAS) that it could be filtering out and causing issues.  I will provide more details as I go and if it doesn't go smoothly then I will post pictures of a server rack after 3 sticks of dynamite reboot it.....

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33 minutes ago, wappinghigh said:

First and Obvious q is Why do you have a managed switch? Everything should be dumb unmanaged.. Start looking at the switch..as the cause of problems...

I have yet to find a 48 port POE gigabit switch that is "dumb".  I also transfer large files to my 48 TB NAS so I wanted to have no loss of speed.  I understand that my system is probably overkill but I have limited number of outlets where my rack is so I didn't want multiple switches when one should do it all.  Thank you for pointing me in a direction to look and I will see if I can correct it.

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