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Lighting programming question for dimmer keypad


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I have some questions about lighting and programming.  We recently finished a master bath remodel.  My wife hates switches so I put two of the dimmer keypads in the room and the remaining switches in the closet.  The current system has can lights on each dimmer keypad (one set of cans for the main area and one set of cans over the vanity) and then shower lights, scones at vanity, bath light and shower fan (all hidden).  I set up one keypad as follows:

Top button -- can load for vanity (with programming to turn on main cans at same time)

button 2 -- shower light (connected to toggle for shower light)

button 3 -- bath light (connected to toggle for bath light)

button 4 -- fan (connected to toggle for shower fan)

button 5/6 combines -- Off


So, I have a few problems and questions. 

Problem 1 - if I toggle on the shower light and then use the off button to turn everything off, the next time I toggle the shower light it says off.  So, I have to push the button twice to make it go back on.  How can this be corrected?  Do I program something on the off button push to "reset" the toggle.  Or is there some other way to do this?

Problem 2 - I tried to create a light scene "Cans On" which would turn on the two sets of can lights on the dimmer keypads.  I then created a "Cans Off" scene and linked the two via toggle.  I then connected this to the toggle light scene so I could get the hold dim on features (rather than just come on with the programming).  But, when I do this, I have the same problem as 1 above when I use the off button.  It takes me two pushes to turn everything back on.  Can this be fixed?

Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for the long post.


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