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Dimmer vs Switch



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You can set the ramp rates to 0 seconds and there is on/off in programming but the dimmers isn't a true on/off relay. But should work fine in your situation. Just don't put any type of fan on it

Hey all, setting the ramp rate to zero is a good solution, however to ensure that someone doesn't press and hold the button on that light switch and cause it to ramp up. There is another process under advanced property. But first, do you have access to composer pro?

If you do, then under the lights advanced property set it's minimum on value to 99% and maximum on value to 100%. This way no matter where it is at any percentage, it will always be 99 or 100%

If you do not, another option is to do it with programming. The programming will be as follows:

In programming tab, on the left side Under the light, select device variables and then light_level.

On right side (actions) select same light and device variables. Then select the tab (conditionals) and I there you will find a drop down that will allow you to select if != and set to zero. Double click on blue question mark.

Then under actions tab set light_level to 100 and drag green arrow to the blue ? and it should read in center of screen if light_level changes

? If light_level not equal to 0 (zero)

->set light_level to 100

Now anytime the light is something other than 0 it will turn to 100 within a second or so depending on the processing load of you controller.

Hope this helps.

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