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c4 sys light control question



im new to control 4 sys, i called c4 tech vist my home, switch from previous owner.

then i figure out i cannot check light status over app, and when i try to turn lights on over app, it was a very long delay over it. about 2 mins

is anybody know about it ? or something i can do about it 


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Sounds like a networking issue.  It would help if you posted your setup.

1) What controller(s) do you have and what OS version?

2) You said "over app".  What device and OS version?

3) Is your device on your home network at the time or on cellular?

If your system is setup properly and your networking is solid and your device is on the local network, then status should definitely come through the app and turning things on/off should be near-instant.  There's a number of issues that could be at play.  It's also possible that your controller is really "busy" doing something (likely erroneously) and so it's being slow to respond.  I'd get your C4 tech to come back out to fix the issue.

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