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Legacy Touchscreens



I've been looking to get an older model version of a C4 touch screen. We are currently building a home and are using mostly iPad Air 2's with the iPort docking stations. However in my basement I wanted to try to get a real C4 touch screen. Once I started looking, there were tons of different models and various prices.. Some being really cheap $200-$300, and some not so much $600+. It seems like there have been many versions of the touch screens from what I'm seeing on ebay and amazon. The brand new ones are a little out of my price range so I've been looking at older ones. 

Anyone have any recommendations? My fear is that if I find what I think is a good deal and get something, it will turn out that it's either not compatible with the new hardware, or that it sucks so bad and that's the reason they came out with a new model.

Any recommendations on older touch screens that are still nice vs older ones I should avoid?

Also, do I just need to run a CAT6 wire to where I want to put it and single gang box, or do the touchscreens need any other prep. We should be getting drying wall sometimes next week so I want to make sure all my eggs are in the basket before the walls are closed up.


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I have a couple of iPorts (w/ even older iPad2's) in use.  Also, got some T3 touchscreens.  I've attached the publicly available install guide for the previous version (V2?) of the touchscreens, which still work with the current C4 hardware/OS version.  I believe the 1st gen (or version even before this) is no longer supported on the current OS, and should be avoided.  You'll likely get more definitive answers shortly by members/dealers here re: that.  The previous version w/ camera can work with intercom as well, which could be something to account for.  And they are most definitely more responsive  than the iPads which you have to wait for the app to load, etc.  The iPorts ended up being used by the family for you know- iPad type things (surfing, YouTube), and little if any C4-related stuff.  Just my experience.

Ideally, you'd want PoE to run the in-wall touchscreens.  They come with their own new-install or retrofit boxes (details in the install guide).  Main thing- get those wires CatX in place prior to drywall.  I had no choice and it was a pain retrofitting cabling in my house.

Infinity Edge In-Wall Touch Screen Installation Guide.pdf

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