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Easiest and/or best way to make C4 choose stereo?

Tom Eriksen



In my system setup, I have:

1 HC800 controlling system

3 "home cinema"'s with different AVR's (one located in garage with it's own controller)

5 additional TV zones (using in- wall/-ceiling speakers for audio)

7 pure audio zones (stereo)

All installed in one rack/system. Everything is working, but I want my system to understand that listening to music means choosing stereo.

Would you program the AVR's to choose stereo when you choose "Listen"?

Or would you do something else?

For example; I use my H/K Blu-ray player located in the living room to both play films and listen to CD's. (This player is wired with HDMi to HDMi/HDBaseT switch, and with RCA to C4 16x16 audio switch.) The same thing with TuneIn from HC800. For AVR zones, it automatically chooses HDMi for audio...

Everything is connected to the audioswitch and could get audio from there... If so, how will you let the system know? Program with rules for each AVR zone? (This is the zones, where I meet my challenges...) Or is there a main rule, like "If LISTEN is chosen, RCA signal is always used" and "If WATCH is chosen hdmi signal is always chosen"?


Looking forward to your reply's! 


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C4 will always chose the best connection path.  So if you a bluray to an AVR with HDMI/optical/analog 10/10 times it will choose the HDMI path 


I would add a second driver of your blu ray and call it "CD" and make that analog connection. Just as long as you know you can't watch/listen at the same time from that unit 

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Hmm. HDMI does not equal 'surround' - for C4 controllers for example what you get is stereo whether you use RCA analogue, digital coax or HDMI.

The question here is more of a receiver setting/decoding issue.


Simply put, you want surround for any video sources, but you want stereo for audio sources.


And yes, a C4 system is in fact aware of whether you're 'watching' or 'listening.


Assuming your AV receiver (and it's driver) supports it - you can simply program:


WHEN [room] video selection changes
Set surround mode to [your preferred setting]

Note that some drivers don't have set surround options but DO have 'custom commands' to set surround types


WHEN [room] audio selection changes
Set surround mode to STEREO


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Cy and knowitall are both right!

Just a clarification if needed;

If you create a second driver called "CD"

And bind the stereo analog audio only to your HTR then when you select listen to "CD" it will select the input on your receiver that has the stereo analog input instead of the HDMI input. This only works if your receiver has a differently labelled input for your HDMI and analog input. Blu-Ray and CD for example.

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