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I'm running c4 version 2.9 and I'm trying to setup custom voice commands with amazon echo dot gen 2, but I'm not having any luck. I've figured out how to add voice scene but I can't get the echo to execute the command in c4. I've setup the voice scene to execute a command, but something isn't going through. Does any body have any advice or tips on how to do this?

Thanks for any Help!

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13 minutes ago, Gene said:

Can someone post the setup guide for Amazon Echo and the FAQ...I'm interested in reading them.  The first two are able to be viewed, but the second two are not...any help would be appreciated.

Alexa Dealer Setup Guide


Those are dealer documents - so of course you can't get to them. That would be the point of restricting documents.

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Use custom lighting scenes. 


I found you you need to be on the control4 website and have Alexa app open and have composer home and then you start to hum.  As mentioned Alexa control 4 skill and device refresh. 


My workflow is:

1.) create new custom lighting scene with the name I want to say 'Alexa turn on [Custom lighting scene name]

1.a) code the scene for lights and then actions on invocation of the scene. Test and be happy it's doing what you need.    Publish updates to all navigators.  Also I have taken to having custom group button in that room called 'Alexa turn on' and the scene name as the button   Helping train my family on what to say to Alexa through navigator :)

2.) go to Alexa part of customer login on control4.com and see if your scene is there. I am finding sometimes 5 minutes to several hours before scenes show up here.  

3.) once they show in customer portal in Alexa app discover devices under home automation tab.  Things usually work from here talking to Alexa.  

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