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Timer HVAC programming question


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I'm not sure how to accomplish something so asking the community for input.  I have a basement AC unit that does not run very often because temp changes slowly.  So, I want to just run the fan every couple hours to circulate the air.  Thinking (in words only) of what this would look like:

every two hours if unit is off then set to (no heat no cool) and "on" (just so unit will run)

after 15 mins turn off

revert to programming


How to I do this with actual programming?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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The first question will be, what thermostat do you have?

If you have the aprilaire control4 thermostat, this can be accomplished in the advanced installer setting in the thermostat itself.

Other wise I can run you through a few programming thoughts to accomplish what you want.

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just set up a timer for what ever amount time you would like. on expiration reset the timer and turn the fan to on. have a conditional have have it set to if the fan is on set the fan to auto.


when timer expires

reset timer

if fan mode is set to on

   set fan mode to auto


set man mode to on

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I do not have the Aprilaire thermostat.  Not sure of the exact model, but I have the one with the five buttons under the screen.  So, I think I need the programming options.


Sorry, to be clear, you have the control4 thermostat though?

If this is the case, programming will be quite easy as long as you have the fan connected as well as RC/RH W1 C/TS Y1

You can programmatically tell the thermostat fan on/auto as you please.

I would create a timer under agents, call it fan control and set it to the interval you want the fan to be on and then create a second timer named fan off. Set it to the time you want the fan to run for.

Now under programming,

---when timer fan control expires---

?if thermostat_current_state is false

->set fan_state true

->start timer Fan off

--- when timer fan off expires---

->set fan_state false

->start timer fan control

---thermostat_crrent_state changes---

?thermostat_crrent_state is false

->reset timer fan control

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