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Lighting scenes to monitor status


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Welp, maybe I am late to the game but I just blew my own mind programming my house and wanted to share.  Originally I had my porch light come on at sunset and off 1130ish.  No big deal and it's nice to come home to a lit porch.  Time went on and it's probably not using that much energy, but I asked myself, why do I need my porch light on while I'm here? I can turn it on if needed the switch is next to the front door.


long story short -

I made a lighting scene called "any on" and added common loads we use while home. Kitchen, den, bedroom, etc. and tracked all loads as "is on".  Hid the scene everywhere as this is just tracking, and adjusted my programming to when "porch light schedule" executes, ?if "any on" is inactive" turn on front porch light. Therefore, if we are home with some lights on the front porch switch stay off.  If we are gone it's on. could probably use security system state to do similar, but some do not poll often enough.

not a game changer in the least, but opened my eyes to think about how i can use light tracking.


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