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Control4 T3 in-wall touchscreen


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I'm considering the T3 in-wall touchscreen.

The control4 website says that it need to get AC power from the wall and also suggests hard-wired Ethernet.

While I have hadwired my entire house I didn't think, when we built the house, of wiring for the touch screen.

It would be too complicated to do now.

Does wifi work well with this? My wifi router in closet about 10 feet from where this touchscree would be located.

Any issues with this setup?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the responses. Two questions:

1) For the person who replied "Yes", Can you explain how this is done?

2) For the person who mentioned "access agent", what is that and what does it do?


You can "lock out" screen with a blank pop up agent. For more on this check out this old thread.

Password Protection On Touchpanels

Do an automated pop-up, no timeout, no 'ok' button. Then program a custom button (still usualbe on phones) or a keypad button press (I've done a triple press on a button underneath the screen also) to clear the pop-up.


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