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WTB: Several C4 Items


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I need a few items:

C4-4SF120-WH Wireless Fan Speed Controller (120V) 

Smartlocks (2) - I haven't seen many other than the ones on the website so I'll have to lookup a picture. Only need the deadbolt ones

Several Wireless Outlet Dimmers

Several Auxilary Keypads (C4-KA)

Several Switches (C4-SW120277-WH )

NYCE ceiling motion sensors or other compatible C4 motion sensors

Water Leak Detector

4 retrofit back-boxes for C4-TW7CO (plastic or metal) - Need these ASAP

Buttons for keypads (C4-KD120-WH Dimmers, C4-KC120277-WH ) preferably backlit engraved but open to anything (let me know what the button says)

Possibly a good unmanaged 24 port POE switch if the price is right

Anyone selling any of those?


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