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Planning for a Control4 System - need advice


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I'm in the final planning stages of of a project to finish the basement in my 3,000 sq/ft house which will include a home theater. Overall plans are finalizing and I should have a contract with a builder/contractor signed in the next three weeks. I have decided I will be purchasing a Control4 system but it might not be during the initial purchase of A/V equipment.

What steps can I take now as far as wiring and utility box layout while the walls are open. Outlets, switches controllers, etc.... This includes the basement and home theater area as well as wiring to other rooms on the first and second floor (while the basement ceiling is open). Once the drywall phase is complete it will be too expensive to retrofit.

I'm probably looking at 4 to 5 zones, possibly more.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Other than standard prewiring I would suggest an extra spot or two for wireless access points in the home. One Cat5/6 near a power outlet in a closet or in the ceiling (for the POE versions like OnQ's). This way if they want a 10.5" touch panel it wont be useless throughout the house.

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