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Rack spacing & cooling


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Hope to be building my AV rack this weekend.

How much space do I need above (and below?):

AVR (Denon x3300w, Pioneer SC-65)
C4 4-zone matrix amp

Any recommendations on a very quiet rack fan?


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Amazon has awesome 2u rack fans that have a screen and temp probe. They're like $100 each. I have one above each receiver and amp. You can also remove the fans and reverse them so the pull of heat is reversed. 


All my stuff is in a closed rack, but the rack is in a room that's kept at 60 so that helps a lot too. I find my denon AVR heats up much quicker than my C4 amp. 



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24 minutes ago, NextGenAV said:

Remember that the room also has to have heat removed, no use blowing around hot air through components. Middle Atlantic did a great PDF about it ... I will see if I can find it for you.

Found it ... attached.


Educational, thank you. Very helpful. Confirmed my choice of using variable speed fans.  Venting it out the top/front should send the heat right into the return air duct.

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