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HouseLogix - DSC Advanced Driver

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Hi all,

I replaced my normal DSC IT100 driver with the HomeLogix Advanced DSC driver https://www.houselogix.com/shop/dsc-powerseries-serial-driver-it-100 love the driver, has a ton of functionality but have two main questions:

  1. I have some functions that my alarm company programmed in. A simple one at the time we decided not to add the back garden beams / motion sensors to a different partition so they grouped them and gave me a code to bypass all 5 sensors at once. So for example. I would type * 1 9 1 and it would by pass all 5 sensors and then I could arm the system with those zones bypassed. 
    1. On the old IT100 default driver you had access through programming to the keypad so you could in programming execute press key C4 do * Delay 2ms 1 delay 2ms 9 Delay 2ms 1
    2. Now with this new driver there seems to be no access to the keypad to access this.
      1. is this type of function done another way? If so how
      2. If you can get to the keypad functions as described above - could someone please show (type :))  me how  
  2. I see when you click the BIG GREEN button to arm the system you get "Stay" "Away"  and then it has Command 1, Command 2, Command 3 etc. 
    1. Where are these commands defined?
    2. How can i program these commands so that they show up as specific commands I would like to do when arming?

Love the driver didnt mind the price but didnt think something as small as access to Keypad function would be a deal breaker for me. 

I would really appreciate the guidance!

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On 1/17/2017 at 9:22 PM, Cyknight said:

Select the alarm system main driver, device specific commands, press key......


you cant... if you select the alarm the only programming events it gives you is "arm, disarm etc, not keypad numbers etc.... or am I missing something

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Keypad ModeThis driver supports a special Keypad Mode, which is intended to allow direct emulation of a DSC keypad, within the limitations of the Control4 Navigator interface.  Most of the keypad functions are available.  This allows the user to perform infrequent tasks usually performed on a real DSC keypad.  It is strongly recommended that you do not use this function to program the DSC system.   A real keypad is much better suited for thispurpose.(New in 2.0.0)The Keypad mode offered by the new security interface available with OS 2.8 and above allows the user to perform some of the keypad functions, such as bypass and restore zones, view alarm conditions, etc.   This function is no longer optional, so you should take the time to explain it to clients

So does this mean it is available in this new driver or not - a little confusing

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