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I'm trying to limit my kids TV usage and trying to figure out best way to do it. In concept, I'd like to force someone to push one or two buttons (adults) before allowing them to hit watch. Can someone point me in the right direction.

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This can be done to some degree at least (or perhaps I should say, in some form or another) but can get a little convoluted.

First off, you cannot directly program against the watch menu - so you cannot block and enable that at will.

There are some methods however, but they depend on your usage situation. As they're lengthy, I'm not going to sit down and type out every possible scenario :D

So the first few questions:

-Is this supposed to be implemented across all rooms, some rooms or just their 'own' room/rooms.

-Do you want to block 'permanently' or only for certain times a day

-What control interfaces do you want this on - is it touchscreens only, phones/tablets, remote controls or all of the above.

-Are you intending to block all sources, or only certain ones.

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To add to this line of questioning.

How old are your kids and would they be able to figure out how to turn on a tv manually and find the cable remote to turn on the cable box?

If so, then this will also involve disconnecting the power to the tv during the "no Tv Time".

We are happy to help, and there are many ways to do this. The best answer is to say "please provide more information". Have a great night.

Happy Automating!

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That was my fear. Ha. Kids are only 6 and they'd only use the remote controls. Just looking for a little parenting help from my home.

I'm looking to limit two out of the 5 tv's so only two rooms. These would be two TV's I may use so I don't want to permanently limit them during time periods.

In theory, I'd like to block all sources for that TV. Ideally I'd hit one other button on the remote which would unlock that TV. I don't want to disable the remote because wife won't like that.

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You can do it using a variable. A button in a keypad; like a double tap; can toggle the variable on/off. 

In programming:

When the variable Room A>POWER_STATE changes

if variable "limit" is true

Turn off Room A

As long as the variable "Limit" is true, the system will turn off the room right after it has been turned on. You use Power State room variable. 

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the best way I found to do this was with We-MO outlets ( or C4 outlets if in the US) hook up to the Tv power outlets


Set up events in the schedule agent for bed time or home work time


When --> home work time is triggered --> toggle outlet power to Off

when --> home work time over is triggered --> toggle outlet to power On


I found this the best to way total stop the customers kids from bypassing C4 and manually turning on Tvs   

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Yup based on your situation, I'd think eddy's solution is the way to go. At least until those kids are older.

One small addition, I'd add a delay int he programming:

When room A powerstate changes

delay 2 seconds

If variable limit is...


This will catch minor driver discrepancies on their built in power on delay vs real time delay - less likely to get sources and tv's out ofg sync (and potentially still on ^_^)

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If you're looking for a limit based on time, you could use similar programming with a number variable, a boolean variable, a scheduler event, and a repeating timer.


When TV power is true,

  Start timer.


When TV power is false, 

  Stop timer.


When timer expires,

  ? If number variable >= (x)

    Turn the room off

  +1 to number variable.


When room turns on,

  ? If boolean variable is true,

    ? If number variable >= (x)

      Turn the room off.


If time is 2:30 AM,

  Set number variable to "0"


Then set whatever button you want to toggle the Boolean variable. And set the limitations as you decide is best. 

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