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WTB: Used Video Storm CMX 1616A2 - 16x16 Switch


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I know the price of a new one so not looking at new.  Was curious if any dealers pulled one from a project and are looking to sell a working used model.

I have the C4 16x16 that works fine that could be used as part of a swap if needed.   

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1 hour ago, Snaffle8 said:

Do you require it to have the audio board (nab100) 

I assumed the audio board was just to stream their music services based on the old squeezebox platform.  But after reading on their site the NAB board is for network control.  How would one control it within c4 without the NAB board?  Don't need streaming audio but do need it to work with c4   

from the VS site:

  1. Optional NAB100 network audio card adds network audio streaming, network control, SDDP support, and more
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