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What is the best alarm panel to integrate with control 4


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Hello everyone, 


I'm a local security installer here in Tallahasssee, Florida.  I have a client that currently has Control 4 and is looking towards integrating a new alarm panel.  Based on your experience and the newest technologies available.  What is the best alarm panel that can be integrated into Control 4 and why?  Money is no object.  

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Best? Depends on your point of view. Assuming install of the actual panel is a non-issue, probably Paradox Evo, closely followed by Elk M1 Gold.

DSC NEO is nice too.


All mainly inspired by the look/feel of the devices those have available.

Honywell Vista is always nice, though at times a pain to get setup right to work with C4 (though once done, works well). Haven't tried the new VAM unit option though.


Roughly speaking, these are your options:

Native drivers (some with enhanced 3rd party drivers)

GE/Interlogix Concord (Superbus2000)


DSC PowerPC series

Elk M1 Gold



Honeywell Vista (4232CBM module)

HAI Omni

GE/Interlogix Network NX-8E/NX8-e587e

GE Advent

Honeywell Apex Destiny

DSC Maxsys

Sequel ST8/EIM

Texecomm Premier



plus what's one here:


Some on there will be duplicates, alternate modules for integration or enhanced drivers, but between the two, you more or less have your list of compatible panels.

Note that the underlined ones are only (native/free) for the OLD interface in C4, which works fine, but doesn't look quite as pretty and lacks a few feedback options the other do have.

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