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NetPlay Home Re-Invents HDMI distribution


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Have you found the current generation of HDMI distribution difficult to sell?  Are you tired of high prices on systems with no WOW factor?

NetPlay Home changes everything!    Demo Video

NetPlay gives you the WOW factor to win jobs.  Video Tiling, Video Walls, PIP on anything, Graphics and text overlays, On screen controls and feedback, and more!

NetPlay dramatically lowers the cost.  BYOH means it can run on existing hardware (FireTV and Sony TVs).  Use ultra low cost mass market encoders.  Simple connections on your home network.  Lifetime software license for game changing future compatibility.  Includes full source and TV IR control which doesn't require an external control system.  Pricing as low as $90/TV.

NetPlay Home is fully inter-operable with NetPlay Pro.  Dealers have earliest access and can try NetPlayTV today.  Retail customers please support our Kickstarter launch for great discounts.  Kickstarter link

Dealers contact sales@video-storm.com for more information or to setup an account.

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