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Composer Help - Integrating with HAI, Liftmaster, & Shabbat


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I'm new to C4 but have a lot of experience in HAI macros as well as élan G "Events".

My integrator finally got HAI to integrate (I think), but I can't seem to find all the zones.  I want to be able to create macros/programs for things like:

When Garage Motion is triggered

Start Timer 10 minutes

Turn On Light

When Garage Timer Expires

Turn Off Garage Light

If motion is sensed then the timer keeps resetting, so the light doesn't go off.

I can't seem to find the Garage Motion sensor even though I can see the zone on my iPhone App.  There are really two components - one is the timer, the other is the start of the action.  In élan this was really two events - one to turn it on, and the other to turn it off when the timer expired.

The other action I'm looking to create is one where the Garage Thermostat is set to "Off" if either garage door is open.  After they are both closed and have been closed for 5 minutes, then I'd like to set the thermostat back to Auto.  I can't figure out how to write a routine that is dependent on both Garage doors.  Its easy to say "if Left Door is open, turn thermostat off".  I can't figure out how to use both and put the delay in.

Another item I'm looking for is how to setup a lighting schedule that only runs when the house is in Away.  In eLan there was an Away mode, so when HAI armed you would just say "Set Home to Away" and then the Away schedule would take over. I remember there being a "mock occupancy" function, but don't know where that is.

I also have a keypad with buttons for "Shabbat" and times for the lights to go off (for Friday/Saturday and Major Jewish Holidays).  I could really use some guidance as to house to "trap" for the button push and then run various lighting scenes depending on what time was chosen (i.e, 10, 11, 12).  The way the algorithm works is that you turn on Shabbat (before sunset) and then all sorts of things happen (i.e., tell HAI to turn off door beeps, power down motion sensors, etc.) and then once we hit the "Lights off" time that was chosen with the keypad, groups of lights go off with delays. So if 10PM was chosen, then at 10 a group of lights go off on the first floor, then 10 minutes later more go off, then the last group goes off (sort of a way herd everyone into bed), with a final set about 15-30 minutes later, and then an hour later HAI arms the alarm.

Sorry for the newbie questions; I'm very frustrated with my integrator as he is avoiding the coding but wants to keep selling me more "stuff".  


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so for motion your programming should look like this.


when motion detected

stop timer

turn on light


when motion is not detected

reset timer


when timer expires turn light off


you would need a variable to check that both garage doors are closed.

so when a garage door closes exccute a macro

that macro checks if both doors are closed

if one is open set the variable to false

if the variable is still true start the timer

if the garage door opens stop the timer

when the timer expires set the air to auto



mockupancy would be perfect for the lighting away mode you can even tie it to your security system so that is automatic. it is a driver that must be installed and set up.



for the last one you would need to set a variable and have scheduled events to activate the macro of the different lights and timers to run when you want them too.

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