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FLIR NVR & DVR Driver / CONTROL4 / by TheDriversLab

TheDriversLab is excited to announce the release of the FLIR DNR400 & DNR500 and M3100 & M4200 drivers with full collaboration from FLIR systems.

Many are looking for the best cameras to integrate for their clients. Now you can proudly offer them full integration for the best from FLIR systems.

With the ability to control their top NVR’s and DVR’s.


 IP based communications 

Driver Features          

Pan left/right 

Pan scan (until stop) 

Tilt up/down 

Tilt scan (until stop) 

Zoom in/out Move camera to a 1 out of 8 preset locations 

Move the camera to the Home Position 

Move the camera to a specific X,Y 

Support snapshot functionality

 Support for 4, 8, 16, and 32 channels depending on hardware capabilities 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Flir video management systems  will this work on?
You will need one of the following DNR 400 or DNR 500 and M3100 or M4200 system. In either 4, 8, 16, or 32 channels.

Which Control4 operating system do I need? 
Your Control4 system will need to run OS 2.7 or great to take full advantage of the FLIR drivers.

Do you offer showroom discounts? 
TheDriversLab offers dealer special pricing for showrooms and personal use. To receive pricing contact TheDriversLab

Contact us.

Where do I find more information about the driver? 
Additional information can be found at the following:


How do I get a trial key?
This driver is free and therefore does not need a trial, although all drivers from TheDriversLab come with a FREE 14 day trail.

Where can I purchase the driver? 
This driver is developed by TheDriversLab and is distributed and supported by Homeation. 

Download Driver / Purchase License 

Who provides technical support? 
This driver is developed by TheDriversLab and is distributed and supported by Homeation. Support is still offered by both TheDriversLab and Homeation.


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