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Programming Zone Audio with a Keypad


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I'm trying to put an advanced function on my keypad leading to the deck. Deck is an audio zone hung off zone 2 of my living room receiver. 

Right now, I have a single keypad button as a toggle. Push it and the zone turns on to the cable input. Push it again and the zone turns off. Works great, programming is attached. 

What I'd like to do is when this button is pushed and they system turns on, the zone source will be set to what the living room source is. I tried nesting an if statement underneath the second half of the logic attached, looking at the variable CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE but that doesn't seem to do anything. How do you guys usually do this? How do you program a second zone follow a first zone for source selection?

Alternatively, can anybody offer how to program pushing the button repeatedly to change sources? OFF -> FIOS -> SIRIUS -> Digital Media -> OFF


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Ok, I get that, use the number values for each action and increment them based on button presses. I think I may do it that way and link different colors to different sources. 

Is there any "smarter" way to do it, so I don't as a user have to memorize the corresponding number presses to a source?

Can I program it to follow the source of a different zone? Like when I hit Deck button, it looks at what source is enabled in the LR and sets the Deck to that source?

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Awesome! That's exactly what I was looking for! I like the simplicity of this being built in rather than having to use variables. Thanks!

Follow up - Will I have any problem nesting conditionals? My programming flow would be:

    Turn Off

     IF LR is CABLE
         Turn ON Deck Cable

     IF LR is RADIO

         Turn ON Deck Radio

Just asking if it's ok to use nested conditionals. 

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Yea I threw in FiOS at the end just in case it didn't find the source that was playing, just a fallback source. 

I thought the stops were necessary because if not it would just keep evaluating the conditional?

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23 minutes ago, knowitall said:

Derrr Apple TV


if the the living room was on but not on one of those 3 sources. O thing would happen

The way he did it, it would default to FiOS if the room was on but not on the conditional devices. Took me a sec, but the way he did it requires the stops, granted it does it in 20 lines and it can be done in 13 or so but as long as it works its all good

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