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Alexa controlling lights

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I just acquired an Alexa -- had her discover all my C4 smart home devices -- noticed she picks up advanced lighting scenes, as well as lights, and audio.

I have my scenes to where there is a LO setting, and a HI setting.   Lo setting - lights at 40% level.   Hi Setting lights at 90% level.   I have my lights programmed in my home, that I push a 6 button push button, for that room, and it turns it on to about 40%.   Press it again, and it turns off the light.

I renamed in Alexa Living Room Lo (converted) to "Living Room".   Had Alex re-discover devices.   Told Alexa - Turn on Living room.   Alex turned on the lights to 40%.

I told Alexa - Turn off Living Room -- she replied OK, however lights stayed on.

Now - as mentioned, I noticed Alexa recognized Lights -- like what was named in my project - Living Lights Recessed - that the dimmer controls on the above.   So I renamed Living Lights Recessed to "Living Room Lights".   Alexa Rediscovered devices.   Told Alexa - Turn on Living Room Lights -- lights turned on 100%.   Told Alexa - Turn off Living Room Lights - Lights went off.  Note - I did not want to have the same name - otherwise Alexa came back and stated it found several names.

Question - How do I tell Alexa to turn the dimmer off as in my example above?



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I tried this -- essentially create an "advanced Lighting scene" with the loads of my living room, but all the loads at 0% -- however Alexa responded back - I do not understand.

As mentioned above, if I tie this to the lights -- versus the scene -- it turns on the lights - but at 100%, and then off.

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Testerguy - 

Did you ever get resolution here?  I used to have 'off' commands with the old driver.  Now I can't figure out how to turn things off.  I turn on scenes, but can't turn off all the lights except one by one (which is really annoying).  I used to have some short-cuts like - turn off the kitchen, which was really half a dozen assorted lights.

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