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Wattbox issues


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I have gone through several Wattbox units and they seem to have network failure related issues. Am I the only one? My 700 is working fine (for now) but I have an older 600 that just started to act strange last night. Keeps on disconnecting from the network. Is it a known issue? 

I bought this one used and unfortunately don't have original invoice. What are the options to get it fixed? 

It is very frustrating, especially as notification is enabled and it has been filling in my inbox with connected/disconnected notifications :-)

Thanks for all feed-back and ideas.

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I bought my 700 from a (great) dealer but unfortunately bought this one used earlier on eBay I think. I could ask him


I've found Snap to be great about warranty stuff, but it has to go through a dealer.



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If that dealer will do that go for it. It's a pretty easy ask for them and their administration team. Snap is good about this. My dealer and snap swapped out two faulty 600s for me.

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