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i am looking into home automation and I'm struggling with how to handle music to room ceiling speakers. One provider has said to do it all through C4 with an audio matrix (but this would be via the shairbridge as it's Apple Music) and others have said do it outside C4 via sonos connects and that the shairbridge has a time delay and is unreliable / cuts out frequently.....

i dont know who to believe or which way to go. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am not techy at all....

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There is a third option - the EA controllers can stream multiple sources at the same time without additional hardware. 

Also along with Sonos (aka adding 3rd party hardware) there are other 3rd party devices too - all have some similar and some different streaming services   

What streaming services do you need?  What services are preferred?

they can all stream mp3s from servers or PCs. So do you want or would be nice to have pandora?  Tunein?  Spotify?  Apple Music?  Amazon?  The list is 10+ services long and different methods give you access to different services.  

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A C4 EA controller and matrix will be the most effective way to stream apple music.


Any iTunes you have locally can also be covered by pointing the My Music to a network share with those files on it.


Add Pandora and Tune in, both free and you likely have enough music choice covered natively


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