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How do I wire a fireplace with C4 so that the standard fireplace toggle switch still functions? My plan is to run 2 shielded 4 conductor wires from the equipment rack: one to the fireplace, and one to the fireplace switch; Then, to disconnect the wiring running from the switch to the fireplace, and wiring everything up the same as I would a 3-way light switch. Does this sound right to everyone? This would allow me to monitor the status of the fireplace through C4, but also to be able to hit the switch and turn the fireplace off.

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I did this recently.

We used a contact relay extender but you can do it with a MC or HTC.

In the contact section put the thermostat wires into it.

In the relay section put the fireplace wires into that.

So from there if you setup a fireplace and assign it to that relay you should be able to turn it on and off. And then in the programming program the contact (thermostat) when it turns on to turn on the fireplace, and when it turns off turn off the fireplace.

I'm not sure if this is understandable so let me know if you need more clarification.


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No, he's referring to fireplaces that have thermostats on the wall to operate the fireplace. I'm still learning contacts and relays but in my mind I can see you hooking the toggle to a contact point and a relay to the fireplace just as Dan described. You then program something like "when contact is closed turn on fireplace" and "when contact is open turn off fireplace". The problem is if the customer uses a UI to turn the fireplace on or off then the toggle could get out of sync if there is no way for C4 to know if the fireplace is actually on or off (on and off are not usually discrete commands for fireplaces), but that may not be a big deal as it just reverses the switch IE: up was on now up is off.

Hope I helped, not real strong in this area.

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Hey Wired,

It actually can tell if the fireplace is on or off. The only way to turn the fireplace on is via the Director or the thermostat. And the actual thermostat is not directly turning on the fireplace, it is just triggering a contact to show the circuit is closed and then in the programming it is turning it on or off depending.

Now you can actually override the thermostat if it's on by turning it off in the OSD, you can also control the Fireplace without the thermostat on the OSD via the comfort section. It will show a little picture of a fireplace and when you click it a fire appears on screen and in the fireplace. Also on the OSD in the comfort section a picture of a thermostat shows up and if it's on or off. It works perfectly.

I'll try to draw a picture with Text

Thermostat -------> Contact on Contact Relay Extender, MC, or HTC

Fireplace ----------> Relay on Contact Relay Extender, MC, or HTC

System Design

Thermostat -> Contact Point

Fireplace -> Relay Point


Thermostat On -> When thermostat is on turn Fireplace On

Thermostat Off -> When thermostat is off turn fireplace off

I can draw it in visio if you need more of a visual.

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I have a propane gas fireplace that has a regular rocker switch on the wall that turns it off/on. (technically it is always on - pilot light flame)

How would that be any different then a C4 switch turning it off/on?

Is there a relay or something between the switch and the fireplace?


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if it is a regular line voltage (110V) then you should be good to go ...

does the switch get fed directly from the panel? that is, is there two wires ... one coming in (feed) and one going (to fireplace) out ... in the box? also, is it a white (110V) wire and not red (220V) ? does the wire have a copper unsheilded + black and white sheilded (regular Romex) ?

it sounds like you should be fine though. does your fireplace not have a "volume" control though? a rotating dial to adjust the flame? or is it just off and on?

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