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Directv channels not avilable



I've read through a bunch of forums that say Media Management needs to be updated, yada, yada...so I assume this won't work for me and is a quick answer from someone...

Now to the question...I would like to have favorite TV channels with channel art, etc available to quickly access my favorite Directv channels from within navigator. When I go to Media --> Cable TV and click "Search", I only see Uverse and Comcast. Where is Directv?

Can I populate this list? I assume not, so for anyone that doesn't have their cable provider in this list, how do you guys show favorite TV channels?

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On 5/15/2017 at 11:42 AM, sonic30101 said:

Directv wont show up on the Cable TV Network driver, need a dealer to add a Directv Network driver and bind it to the rf ports of your sat boxes

That was it. Thanks.

For anyone else interested...this is the driver...



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