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Multiple load switch location

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Hi, I am very new to the Control4 family so please pardon my lack of knowledge of equipment available. I have many locations throughout my home where I have multiple load switches that I would like to replace with C4 switches or keypads. What are my best options product wise to do this? Are there C4 switches that can handle multiple loads (up to 3 max) or are there programmable keypads with multiple load options?

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If you are talking about locations that have multiple switches or dimmers in a multi-gang box, then you would replace those switches/dimmers one-for-one with c4 product.


If you have a single gang box and a double switch in that box, you would either need to work with your electrician to confirm that you can combine the two loads into one C4 switch or dimmer (you would lose individual control) or you would need to make it a double-gang box and put two C4 devices in.



Mark Feinberg

Home Theater Advisors

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The technical has been answered above.

1 load one device just as now.

Logistically if you have 3 keypad dimmers replace the load then you can have one set up for lights the next for music and the final for other functions, hvac or something

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11 minutes ago, funnyfarm299 said:

Hold up. Y'all are missing a very important question. OP, are you in a 240 volt country?
2.9.1 introduced dual-load dimmers and switches for Europe/Asia.

Of course, if you're in a 120 volt country, feel free to ignore me.

Hi funnyfarm299, I am from a 240V country (Australia). 

I have also since found out the LED lights in this house are non-dimmable so no need for dimmable keypads.

Thanks for the input though.

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