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Ziba Ji

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I've worked with you before. Your a stand up guy who does the right thing. You spent extra time setting up my tv driver for the lg ip driver being it's an os1 version and made it work for your original price. You went way above and beyond. Thank you. 

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Sorry and my humble apologies for confusing statements and mis understanding.

firstly we are not cheater, greedy , tricky and dishonorable people as has bern portrayed and maligned here unfortunately .  No one ever had meant to steal your livinghood Matt and rip you off of $11 bucks.


we do hugely appreciate Matt,s presence and service here at the forum, it is extremely valuable.

some times devil is in the details and the way we put down our words could possibly mean differently to different people and to me your email response meant a bit different than you possibly meant them to be perceived.

so mis understanding my part and my bad !

I perceived in due sincereity that you meant to fix my bluray stuff as a forum member courtesy because it was a really minor fix, and i would have to pay in advance for your two hours for your suggested drivers cost plus your programming cost. And if i choose to go for the drivers i shall pay you in advance and we shall use two hours deposit towards programming.

bottom line i realized that those new driver are not needed at this point of time for us .

but on your insistence that u meant a deposit for $11 bucks work too, i did offer you twice the amount you retrospectively asked for bluray fix! And also working with you in the future fot any programming with 2 hours advance deposit along with my humble apologies for mis understanding.

but seems like that was not good enough solution/ resolution for you and unfortunately you still are holding anger, frustration and grudge and venegance against me.

it is understandable and you have all the rights and freedom to do so.

i dont mind it at all even if you could have me fired from the forum like Comey lol and have my post removed by Mods, i shall much cordially accept that action too!

if i start posting my emails and your emails to make it a case of a white house ? presidential mess of he said that and he said that! Lol it is counter productive for your valuable time to get dragged into such trivial bitching match;( and shall cost you way more than $11 for your most valuablr and precious time and i am sincerely very much mindful of that wasting your 75$/ hour worth for this ;(

with this i rest my case! and wont say even a single word more.  Matt you plz feel free to execuate yourself and your time whatever the way you like .

Thanks again for every thing

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I dont mind posting the email chain as i told there is a two hour minimum for any work done with any new customer, and i asked for your paypal, you told me to use your email, then retracted and asked that i used another.

no where did i state a charge of $11 as my hourly rate is 75. And from the time you asked me to fix this and a few other issues you wanted me to look into as well I spent 3 hours of my time investigating and conversing with you. Yet i still only charged you the minimum rate of 2 hours for any new customer, and still gave you the two hours for free to be used with all of the other things you were asking me to take a look at.

This experience will now  effect any future customers now as they will have to wait until i can confirm payment before fixing their issues, just more time wasted for me and any one wanting to take full advantage of their control4 system.


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Wow, so you guys will help me for FREEEEE if I am a forum user? Ziba, do the right thing and pay the man. You admitting that you understand what a valuable member of the forum he is, and then skipping out on payment is a dick move to say the least. And why should anyone's time be free? Ill admit, I try to HELP people here sometimes but a lot of the time people mistake a gesture of kindness as a form of weakness and then take advantage of it/you. Now as Matt has said you will make it harder for him to trust anyone here and have scarred him on business transactions. 

Then for you to say "the devil is in the details" tells me that you deliberately scammed him. You didn't just assume it was free, you had your "excuse guns loaded" and planned on taking advantage of him.

I would say you are lucky Matt is as nice as he is. I would have already found someone local to you to handle the business at hand. 

Now you admittied you made a bad call, so man up and pay Matt, and in my opinion overpay him with a tip for making collecting a pain in the ass man.

I also think the Moderators of this forum should ban you until payment is made, and maybe even after that. You basically scammed a good person, in the open, on a forum meant to HELP PEOPLE. I say, away with you.

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