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Ambient Light Profiles issues



Hi all,

I have gotten new engraved buttons and now I am trying to get them to light up in a dim or bright lighting seen. But, turn off in a dark room like my bedroom. However, every time I change the profiles some of them work and other don't. I have Fan Speed Controllers, APD, switches, Standard Keypads and FPD.

This is the way I have the Ambient Light Profiles for all of my lighting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 7.09.13 PM.png

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Have you noticed it is the keypads you have the issues with? That they won't turn off, even in dark room? We have found that the light bleeds through from the bottom button into the light sensor, so the keypads always think there is light in the room. You'll need to modify the light sensor and put a cover on or sharpie the part of the sensor that goes into the keypad. Or do the backlight programmatically based on time of day, not ambient light

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Old thread, but I'm running into the same thing. 

What's the best way to deal with this?  Are you just coloring the clear portion of the sensor bar on the back top side?  I have two keypads (KD120) side-by-side.  The 6 button dims like it should.  The one next to it has 5 buttons, the bottom button is 2-high.  That one will never dim.  The room is completely dark, and it thinks that it's 231 right now...

It probably wouldn't irritate me so much if they keypads were in sync with one another, however since they're side-by-side, and so completely different, when you walk into a dark room, the one keypad is almost invisible next to the glaring lights of the one next to it that thinks that it's bright in the room...

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