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More-Than-2-State Experience Buttons


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I couldn't find much where this topic had been discussed - point me to it if it is there.  What are people generally doing when they want an EB to track > 2 states?  Matthew Lowe has been helping me work through some stuff and had some suggestions and workarounds outside of the realm of EBs.  But, I've still got some situations where I think EB is the way to go - a UI that's easier to explain and expect in-laws and visitors to deal with correctly.

  • I've got Chowmain's radio buttons - work great but gets visually unwieldy quickly.
  • I thought about trying to leverage something like the RGB color selector or maybe Greenfield's Day Countdown timer but I can just see that leading to too much crazy fun.
  • What creative idea am I missing?  I've got to figure someone has some EBs that I just haven't run across?  Like a 3-state stop light or a 4-state slider looking thing?

On a related note, if I'm not heading down a rabbit's and someone reads this goes to town, these were my other thoughts for generic-enough graphics to possibly be put to use as EBs:

  • Stop light (3 states).
  • Slider, dial, meter (could probably look reasonable with 3-4 states).
  • In particular a horizontal slider, then the text displayed below it would be like a legend.
  • Colors (like the RGB selector without the bulb or "next click goes off" thing.
  • Just some numbers (like the Day Countdown without the countdown).
  • Speaker (somehow indicated off, low, high).
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The Blackwire Emoji driver will do much of this for you... a great driver which allows multiple states, including numbers and lots more.

There is also a native colours button that works very well. Not the RGB light one.  It has about 12 states (colours) and you can select which ones to include. 

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