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IP Camera System


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Looking into a camera system that is relatively DIY.

Specs would be 4 dome cameras, a dome wifi camera, and NVR.

Ultimately would like to integrate into C4 but just need to get the system set up now.

Having a hard time finding a system...most look like they need to be pieced together.

Any suggestions?

Is there a kit or fastpack anywhere that I can't find?

Or can someone recommend items based on the specs listed above in the low-mid cost range?


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I don't think you will find that the "kits" necessarily improve speed of installation to any significant degree. Think of them more as "bundles" to simplify purchasing with some discount attached. But really all you need is cameras, NVR and possibly conduit bases depending on your mounting needs. This is a very crowded field - we do a lot of Hikvision.

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Hikvision is what i personally use and its great. 


however with the ease of install that Ring offers and now a few different sku's they may be the better solution for convience, if video quality is not important.


and when @Kevin L and the rest at black wire finish the video portion you'll have the total package but the ring app is really good as well. The current driver is great though for motion and doorbell rings.

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