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Manually upgrade firmware Infinity Edge

Thom Okx




I also have an old Infity Edge small display.... Which has the old firmware on it and shows the following:

Device with version older than 2.6.0 found in project (Livingroom->InfinityEdge 5" Touch Screen). Device must be updated to at least 2.2.0 before it can be updated to OS 2.6 or later.

I have downloaded Composer 2.2.2 or 2.4.0 tried the same via update manager...... But then it shows me: 

Error: No update versions could be found -- possible causes may be that this system has not been registered on http://my.control4.com and can not be updated or this system does not have a valid update license

Which is not true since I have a dealer account and my project is also registered as a dealer account.... I tried to Google this problem or how to manually upgrade the firmware of the device but I could not find if this is possible....

Hopefully somebody knows how to solve this....

Kind regards 



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Here is how I updated my Infinity Touch Screen 7" that was stuck on 2.2.1 Firmware.

SMB to Drivers Folder

Copy these files into Drivers Folder

Sometimes you can use <wget> command to put then there, instead of SMB.






SSH into the TouchScreen


User Name - root
PassWord - t0talc0ntr0l4!
Those are 0 not o

<TYPE> cd /control4/drivers
<TYPE> ls - 
to view that the files are there
You should see the files you SMB over.

<TYPE> dpkg -i system-version_2.9.1.532460-res_all.deb
<TYPE> dpkg -i rootfs-c57_2.9.1.532460-res_armv7av2.deb
<TYPE> dpkg -i kernel-modules-badger_2.6.32-omap-41.1_armv7av2.deb

-----Try and update it using Composer-------


May need to install these too, but can’t remember.

dpkg -i flash-navigator-common_2.9.1.532460-res_all.deb

dpkg -i flash-navigator-800x480_2.9.1.532460-res_all.deb Think cause its a 7” TouchScreen

dpkg -i flash-navigator-800x480-c5_2.9.1.532460-res_armv7av2.deb Maybe this if its 5” TouchScreen

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