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Wyrestorm MX-0408-PRO (RS-485 question)



Slightly off topic from a straightforward Control4 Question, but here goes.


I have a Wyrestorm Video Matrix in my system. It is a Wyrestorm MX-0408-PRO.

Current Routers DHCP address range is 192.168.64  to

Current static IP address for the Wyrestorm Matrix is


However I am changing over Broadband suppliers & they supply a new Router which has a different default IP address range to 254.

So I need to be able to change the IP address of the Wyrestorm Matrix. I can see that there are 2 communication connections at the rear of the Wyrestorm.

They are as follows;

  • LAN (which is currently connected & working. Hence it is configured in Control4 system as and I can access a basic Web Interface by typing in the current IP address. unfortunately this is just for logging in & Manually switching Output/Input combinations etc, not changing IP addresses.
  • RS-485. This surprised me as i expected to find a 9 pin D-type RS-232 connector at the rear. But no sweat if I knew how to connect something between my laptops RS-232 Serial port & the RS-485 port of the Wyrestorm (which is an RJ45 type socket)?

!!!!!!!! HELP !!!!!!!

Looking in the online documentation, there is a supplied parts list which I can see includes a RS-232 to RS-485 converter listed? I don't have this as far as i know, but I guess I need to now get one?

So does anyone know what the Pinout is for the RJ45 type port marked as RS-485 is?

Has anyone experience with using this type of  Wyrestorm device and in particular changing the IP address?

  • If I do get connected then I think I have to run a Comms utility called COMCTL.exe.
  • Not sure if I should be able to do this anyway via the existing IP connection that I have. I see some software called NTCTL.exe which is meant for LAN port use I think, but I cannot get to work, when I start the application it just comes up with an Error code. So not sure if its wrong software, physical connections, Windows version or what?

Any help much appreciated.



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