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New to the forum. I am a contractor in the Los Angeles area who generally does higher end residential work. We generally do all of our own low voltage work and are experienced in most forms of networking, ip cameras, security, access control etc.  We have stayed away from control systems since they have always been too complex and expensive for our clients or too unreliable. I recently had a demonstration of Control4 at a colleagues house and was impressed. I would like to start using the system in some upcoming projects.

I would like to work with an integrator who is willing to let us do much of the work. EG wiring, installing switches, installing panels, etc etc. -- the stuff that I have people I am already paying to work on.  This is just as much for flexibility as cost.  Ideally this would be a person willing to give us some advice, supply equipment (unless I can purchase at one of the distributors where we have accounts) and program. We would hand off the business of maintaining the system once we are off the project. I have a project that I could get started on immediately.

Please contact me if you are interested or if you can recommend someone who fits the bill.


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I haven't had much luck with ant if the C4 dealers in LA area.  They talk a good game but none can program well.  I've had much better results with remote programming from the dealers on the board.  That said, try Sean Bronson at SURENA DESIGN GROUP in LADERA RANCH

27762 ANTONIO PKWY L1 #550
LADERA RANCH, California 92694Phone: 949-275-2626

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