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Playing audio files to 6 zones


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I'm using Composer HE, trying to create a Macro to send audio file from NAS to 6 zones using Wakeup and Maco agents:

  • I have 8 audio zones.
  • I created a wakeup agent to play an audio file.
  • I created a macro to execute the wakeup agent to 6 zones.
  • When executing the agent it only execute wakeup in two zones.

I tried to add 500MS delay between each but no luck.

Maybe there's another way to do it?

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15 minutes ago, knowitall said:

You should use an announcement. 

What kinda of amp do you have? Controller?



I'm using EA-5

16 Zone Audio Matrix

8 Zones Amp

What I need to achieve is very simple, executing a macro that runs wakeup agent in 6 zones.

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