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No on/off control all components suddenly



I have an hc250 and am using the ir repeaters to control my tv, cable box , and PlayStation.  Suddenly I have no on/off for any component but can control channel, volume , etc. when manually powered on. Room off also does not turn cable, tv, ps off. My dealer is a boob and it seems that I have had an endless stream of problems since day one.  Any help appreciated !!

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it could be that you are using toggle commands or that the controller ir server has locked up.

try shutting everything off manually or with control4. so that is off. unplug the controller wait a few, and then plug back in and try to resume control after.


keep in mind most cable boxes have lousy power control options so it is best to leave them on.

the playstation also does not have official drivers so i am skeptical of the controls available there as well.

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