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EA-3 HDMI Output


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No it won't. The displays are older Fujitsu panels and there is no HDCP on the DVI-D input and it doesn't handle the EDID very well. I could put an HDMI Doctor in-line to force the EDID but I would rather not have to. All other HDMI sources in the matrix had to be locked down to 720P for the picture to resolve properly. There must be a way to limit the output to 720P on the EA-3? Unfortunately the HDMI matrix doesn't have EDID control settable for the inputs/zone outputs either.

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6 hours ago, Matt Lowe said:

the ea controllers are only 1080p and do not have option for a different resolution.

Oh no they are not.

As OP clearly already understands they use EDID to auto set the resolution.

Yes, it IS possible to force a certain resolution (or change the order of preference). However to do so you(r dealer) needs to contact tech support to get that taken care of. And if tech support says they can than you(r dealer) needs to keep pushing to get it done - the details on how to do this are not common knowledge (and no I will not tell you(r dealer) how - not my place)

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