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How to auto shuffle a Deezer playlist


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With my recent update to 2.10, my EA-5 decided to ever-so-slightly rename my attached usb drive and I lost my playlist I was using from my music stored on there. As the media interface in Control4 is not great (putting it very nicely), I thought I'd throw together a new playlist in Deezer because it's much quicker and then re-program my music keypad buttons to just use the Deezer playlist instead. 

When using My Music for this, I'd hit my music keypad button and after hitting the shuffle icon in all of my controllers after the first play, it would auto-shuffle on the keypad press to start every time from every room. I didn't have to do any programming in Composer to accomplish this and it worked really well. The Deezer interface in Control4 lacks this option when starting a playlist. Shuffle only becomes available after the playlist has started. 

I tried adding in a pause and then triggering shuffle from the digital media area in Composer, but this didn't seem to work. It kept starting from the first track and didn't seem to even be recognizing the shuffle command (or any of my commands). I was only adding a one second delay between starting and pausing (with shorter delays after that)--was this just not long enough? Do I need to trigger the shuffle earlier/later?  

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