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I added a EA5 recently as my director, but it is not seeing any of the other lights in my system. How do I get the new controller (EA-5) to see the light switches via zigbee?





so, my HC800 RJ45 jack went dead about a week ago.  After a lot of troubleshooting,  I found that I needed it replaced.  I replaced it with a EA-5.  

I have installed the EA-5 with CPro 2.9 software.  I have all the connections made and loaded an older project onto the EZ-5.  

I see all the IP devices, but I don't see any Zigbee devices on the network via the Composer Pro software.    

how do I get the Zigbee devices to automatically "see" the new EA-5 controller?   do I have to disconnect them all and the re-identify each individual zigbee deice ? 

Someone please give me some good news

thanks you, 


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2 minutes ago, mstafford388 said:

They were all identified to the mesh on the HC800 and that mesh would need to be migrated to the EA5.  Only problem is you'd need the 800 online to do so.  Probably going to have to re-identify. 

that also this is covered in a knowledge article in the dealer database.

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