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Weird HUE light Issue


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trying to program a hue led strip as a  TV back light 

using hue driver on a 2.10 system , with in composer i can turn on/off the light but if i want to program it to turn the light when i  turn the TV on  it doesnt work , but if i press the execute button  it works .


i have it programmed the  inverse way when i turn off the tv and it works fine .


first pic is tu turn it on and doesnt work pic 2 is to turn it off and work great


i also tried to turn it on with the receiver to check if  the Tv was the issue but doesnt work 



any suggestions ? 







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29 minutes ago, dcovach said:

Try creating a new variable for the tv power status.  Make it true when it powers on and false when off. Program the led to turn on or off in the new variable using IF statements

tried and didn't work , also tried program a macro just executing turn TV back light and doesnt work neither 

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5 hours ago, Home Theater Advisors said:

Don’t do it off of the tv power, do it off of the room.
When video source changes
?if video source is cable
-> turn on light

Then do that for each source

thats the way i ended using , Weird this project before 2.10 was working on the other way 



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