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What are you guys using as a driver template for stand-alone power amps?

Any binding issues? Would you set it as the Audio end point with the processor as the Volume End Point?

I just need to turn it on and off via IR. No trigger input.

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V3. Don't bother with any major template. My reasoning here is that you probably don't want the client to see the power amp as a controllable input. True? Now only bother reading further IFF (if and only if) you have discrete codes for the amp. This will not work very well otherwise.

Heres a sneaky way to bypass creating a driver:

1) Identify an existing driver of a device that always is on at the same time as the power amp. An example is a pre-processor or receiver.

2) Modify that driver, and add two extra IR commands, perhaps called EXT_AMP_ON and EXT_AMP_OFF (remember - discretes only! You are in for a world of pain with power toggle)

3) Within programming, whenever the amp turns on, have it issue the EXT_AMP_ON IR command and when the amp turns off, have it issue the EXT_AMP_OFF IR command

4) Make sure you use a dual emitter setup, so that the amp and device identified in stage one are on the same output.

So what do you think of this downright sneaky hack? Will it work for you?

The one thing I am not sure of this is the result of the speaker turn-on thump. You'll have to play around to see if it is a big thing.

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Thanks for the reply. I actually did that originally and then realized that the only way it would work is if I sent the IR output to a block and then out to the three (processor and 2 power amps) devices. The racks were already wired with individual emitters so I wanted to set up the controller to emit out to each amp.

You bring up a good point about the power amps showing up as controllable inputs though.:mad:

Things that I have tried:

1-Created an AV Switch without any inputs or outputs, just power on and power off commands. I then added the device to the project and made the IR binding. Looked promising so far. But when I click on the device in programming, it crashes. I guess it doesn’t like not having inputs or outputs.

2- Tried the Blinds w/IR driver, thinking that it will not show up as a controllable input since it has no inputs or outputs. For some reason though, you can’t learn the IR codes to it since editing a non-A/V device driver is not allowed. I would like to know how you would use this driver to control IR blinds if you cannot learn in the codes???

I would think a device driver with only an IR binding would be very useful. This seems like something really simple that should already be there. Am I missing something?

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