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Swapping all rooms on a C4 Matrix Amp using custom buttons

Samer Shami

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Ok. I've created a demo file that makes the C4 matrix amp swap inputs for the whole home based on custom button selections. Just go into the programming section to get a feel for what I have done. Basic logic has been placed into the custom buttons area (some are on press, and there are a few on release). The bulk of the smarts is in the variables programming area.

Please note this is only intended to be a rough guide to get you started. I would not use this file as it stands in a clients house. Some improvements that can be made:

1) I've labeled inputs as "Input 1", "Input 2" etc. It would be much smarter to label "CD Input", "MP3 1" etc.

2) More work needs to be done on the volume increasing. At this stage it every press increases +1. IT will not ramp if they hold it down. This will require some more logic and work.

Me being the lazy person, I have done enough to get people started. If you want more, I need to get some hands in the air.

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