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I’d like add a door sensor into my Control4 setup. I have done some research and found that the GE Quik Bridge system would work well for my needs. That said, if someone here has used these sensors, please take a look at my equipment below and let me know if I have the right idea.

All I want in the ability to wirelessly sense ONE door opening. The receiver will be hooked up to the contact input on the C4 Home Theater Controller.

On the door:

I want to use the GE Security Quik Bridge Wireless Sensor


On the receiver end:

do I need the full blown GE Quik Bridge Loop Sensor?


or can I just use the GE Quik Bridge 2 Channel Receiver?


I’d rather the latter as It’s cheaper. Not 100% positive it’ll do the job however. Anyone try this? Also I found this site to buy the GE Quik Bridge products:


does anyone have another vendor for this equipment?



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