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Smart Power Meters?


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There's another thread on this same subject/product

Forget it, I can't find find the other thread...

Is anyone contemplating using this type of equipment and tie-in with C4? It seems that C4, by itself, is good for savings and smart meters are just the "indicator". Bang-for-buck ratio seeems poor in my case. The tier system isn't going to be around for too much longer as business already side-skirted this by producing at night.

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Yes, I'm using the TED with C4 server software in my own home and it is one of those things you need to see to understand. It's a very cool way of understanding not just what you are spending on electricity, but WHERE and When you are spending it.

The footprints PC software offers great live graphs and historical data.

It's nice to implement a lighting scene and watch the differences in actual use based on the scenes.

Adding the C4 server software lets you pull the data into C4 with graphs and events, so you can fire off c4 events based on TED data. One example is changing a lighting scene based on total power being consumed at the time, raising the AC a few degrees when you are close to your monthly budget number, etc.

The graphs themselves are pretty, but not as useful as the PC graphs since they are not real time. But I think that will change with the planned GUI enhancements on the C4 side.

I totally disagree on the bang for the buck, it's high if you are willing to change your consumption habits based on the graphs and reports. You have to measure in order to manage.

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^Totally disagree? I think most people are aware to the point of turning off things when not in use, running washers at night, etc.. What is your payback schedule on the TED project? I spend nothing reminding wife & kids to turn stuff off and C4 watches my backside with auto-dimming, motion and schedules. Solar will pay for the operation of C4 and government will pay some for the solar.

Measure to manage is sales talk. You take the plate ratings from all of your appliances and estimated freq. of usage and do some math. Excel is your friend. Where this all falls short is closing the loop on up-time of equipment. TED talks to you but does not talk back to the power users. The PoCo does this by cutting AC compressors based on their measurment equipment. There's no way I am going to tell my wife stop the TV we're over on Tier 2 allotment"!

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Measure to Manage is part of Demming's methods, not sales talk. If you don't want to change your consumption habits then measurements have no value. If you are willing to change your habits based on measurements it has immediate returns.

Not everything is defined by straight payback, the information available allows for more informed decisions, planning and measurements.

Imagine driving your car without a fuel gauge, odo, etc. You would think that is nuts, but running the house all month and guessing at the final bill is about the same.

Energy prices will be skyrocking over the next 3 years, so it only becomes more important over time.


The government is not paying for Solar, You, your kids, my kids are paying for it. The Gov. doesn't have it's own wallet, it uses ours.

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^OK, never mind then. I'll answer my own question with this exerpt from another source-

"Proving a return on investment is still an obstacle. At $500 for an entry-point controller and several thousand dollars for a full home control system, payback at current energy prices is six to eight years, says Eric Smith, chief technology officer of Control4, though he adds the company is working on a basic package that would cost less than $250. Agilewaves’ typical whole-house gas and electric monitoring system with details on seven circuits retails for $7,500, and prices can range higher or lower depending on capabilities."

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