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IR bugs and controlling hardware accross the room.


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I have a tv in one room and in that room sitting across from the TV I also have an iMac. The TV is controlled by C4 with an IR bug attached to it in the front.

I use the iMac to run iTunes and I stream it to an Airport Express which is connected to my C4 System. I also use Pandora on the iMac and stream that to my Airport Express. These are very nice music sources and I really enjoy having Pandora coming through C4.

My question is this:

I would like to use the IR bug on my TV to also control iTunes on the iMac.

Is the IR bug emission strong enough to reach 10 feet? Is there a way to increase the likelihood of it's emission reaching the iMac at 10 feet?

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The 'bug' you're talking about is an IR emitter. They're designed to transmit to the device they're attached to, and it's not likely it'd control something 10 feet away, facing out from the back side of it.

What you want is an IR blaster, which, although similar to an IR emitter, is typically much more powerful.

Blasters, though, are also directional, and you'd typically use a blaster pointing to a set of equipment, and be able to control that equipment with one IR device.

The best option, if you have IR ports available on your controller, would be to have your dealer route some cable from your controller location near the TV, around the room where possible, and to the Apple TV.


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